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April Live Case

April 25, 2014, 4:16pm

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"This proved to be a very challenging case. Narrow frontal recesses were noted on my review of the CT, and my suspicion of osteitic bone was confirmed during the course of the case. As this difficult case shows, by focusing on patient comfort and adopting a methodical, persistent approach you can achieve a successful outcome. I was very pleased with the results of the case."

--Dr. Trimble

Entellus Medical produces the Live Case series to share a wide variety of balloon sinus dilation cases, and allow physicians to view the approaches and experiences of their colleagues. Dr. Trimble's case posed several challenges, including tight anatomy and osteitis:

Dr. Trimble models techniques and approaches to handle challenges that arise during a case. Highlights:  

  • Demonstrates the importance of having CT scan available for reference during a case
  • Dr. Trimble leverages full Entellus toolset to address access challenges--in this case, he uses the PathAssist Light Seeker, with smaller ball tip and tapered shaft, to help pre-dilate the frontal passageway
  • Utilizes the tactile feedback from both the PathAssist Light Seeker and XprESS LoProfile, and malleability of XprESS tip, to navigate difficult anatomy     
  • Despite initials challenges, Dr. Trimble's persistence and patience leads to successful procedure
  • Dr. Trimble remains sensitive to patient comfort throughout the procedure

Additional Techniques
Local Anesthesia