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August 2015 Live Case

August 26, 2015, 4:30pm to 5:30pm

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Lee Mandel, MD, FACS, performs an in-office sinus dilation using XprESS Ultra Multi-Sinus DIlation System paired with an ethmoidectomy and turbinate reduction.

Timestamps for Case Highlights:

Pre Case Footage
0:00 Practice Background
1:00 My Experiences with Balloon Technology
1:53 Comparison of Balloon technologies
4:26 Review of Anesthesia Protocol
5:44 Office Safety
7:50 Patient History
8:16 Treatment Plan

Case Highlights
8:54 Start
9:35 Anesthesia Injections
12:17 Medialize Turbinate
12:56 Placement of Pontacaine Gel
15:57 Left Frontal Treatment
17:23 Right Frontal Treatment
19:13 Left Sphenoid Treatment
20:51 Right Sphenoid Treatment
23:18 Left Maxillary Treatment
30:25 Right Maxillary Treatment
33:19 Return to Left Maxillary

Additional Techniques
Local Anesthesia