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Savings to the Healthcare System

Migrating treatment of the same symptomatic patient from OR to office can reduce costs:

Treatment of Comparable Patients with Combined Maxillary and Anterior Ethmoid Disease, Including Post-Procedure Care


2015 National Average Cost to Medicare for FESS using CPT 31254-50, 31256-50, 31237-50: HOPD Procedure Surgeon fee of $573 + Anesthesiologist fee of $416 + HOPD payment of $5,023 + bilateral post-op debridement fee of $396 (through 3-31-2015).

2015 National Average Cost to Medicare for office procedure using CPT 31295-50, 31231: Office Procedure Surgeon fee of $3,137 + bilateral post-op nasal endoscopy fee of $214 (through 3-31-2015).  Medicare office reimbursement fee covers all costs to perform a procedure performed in the office setting (supplies, equipment, labor, time and overhead).  Medicare shows the unilateral rate on their website and the bilateral rate is calculated based on the 50% rule for multiple procedures.

Balloon sinus dilation delivers value across the healthcare system. Explore:

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